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NYU Stern | Resume & Recommendation

In this article we will explore how to write a resume and letter of recommendation, as well as the requirements to be considered when applying for admission to NYU Stern.

Resume and Work History
You should upload your resume, which should include both full-time post-college work experience and educational information. This may include internships, part-time employment, extracurricular activities, or volunteer activities. If your employment status changes after you have applied to the applicant university, you must upload an updated resume.

To supplement your resume with key information about your career to date, you should add information about all positions you have held through the “Add Position” function.
You should also include all full-time post-college work experience. Internships and other part-time employment may be included.
Post-college work experience is not required to apply.

You must submit one professional recommendation, ideally from your current direct supervisor. If you are unable to include a recommendation from your current supervisor, you must provide an explanation.

It is not mandatory to submit more than one recommendation, but it is permitted. Please ensure that additional recommendations add significant value to your application.

Family members should not write your recommendation.

Recommender questions and ratings
Your recommender should rate you on the following skills/qualities:

Analytical/quantitative ability
Oral communication skills
Written communication skills
Emotional intelligence

Your recommender should respond to the following:
-Briefly describe your interaction with the candidate and, if applicable, the candidate’s role in your organization.
-How does the candidate’s performance compare with that of other well-qualified individuals in similar roles (if applicable)? Provide specific examples (e.g., what are the candidate’s key strengths?).
-Describe the most important constructive comment you gave the candidate. Detail the circumstances and the candidate’s response.
-Optional :Is there anything else we should know?

In addition, only enrolled students who have not waived their right to access your recommendation may subsequently request to see your recommendation. Non-enrolled students do not have access to view their recommendations.