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MICHIGAN ROSS | Letter of recommendation

The Michigan Ross Full-Time MBA program maintains a rigorous curriculum, and candidates have various avenues to showcase their readiness for its demands.

Standardized Tests: Candidates can furnish standardized test scores as an additional data point for the admissions committee’s holistic evaluation. Acceptable tests include GMAT, GMAT Focus Edition (from Q4 2023), GRE, MCAT, LSAT, PCAT, or DAT. The highest total score and corresponding breakout scores from multiple test attempts are considered, and expired scores are not accepted. Current enrollees in U-M Medical, Law, Pharmacy, and Dental programs are exempt from test score submission.

Alternative Demonstrations of Academic Readiness: Some candidates may opt to demonstrate their readiness without submitting a test score, particularly if impacted by circumstances like the pandemic. In such cases, a complete application, accompanied by an essay supporting their case and alternative evidence of readiness, is accepted. Evaluation considers academic and professional accomplishments, such as a master’s degree in an analytical or quantitative discipline, CPA, CFA, or international equivalent, strong undergraduate or graduate records, and relevant post-undergraduate work experience.

Recommendation: Michigan Ross uses the GMAC Common Recommendation Form, requiring only one recommendation. Ideally, this should come from a current or former supervisor who can assess the applicant’s professional performance and work style. Questions for the recommender include a brief description of their interaction with the applicant, the applicant’s role in their organization, a comparison of the applicant’s performance to others in similar roles, and details on the most crucial constructive feedback provided to the applicant, along with the circumstances and the applicant’s response.