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INSEAD | Letter of recommendation

Letters of Recommendation: Applicants are required to submit two professional recommendation letters in English, focusing on leadership and management potential. Ideally, recommendations should come from the workplace, with the current supervisor or manager being a preferred choice. Alternatively, recommendations can be from individuals who have assessed the applicant in a professional setting, such as a client, former supervisor, or colleague from community service or extracurricular activities. While academic recommendations are acceptable, they are less likely to address the primary interest, which is assessing the ability to work with and manage others and the potential for senior management. Though only two recommendations are required, applicants may choose to include an optional third recommendation letter if they believe it adds value. There is no specified format for the optional third letter, and no extra link needs to be generated.

It is recommended to enter recommender credentials early to allow sufficient time for preparation. Recommenders can submit letters at any point until the application deadline. For MBA program applicants aiming for a specific round, submitting the application ahead of the deadline is encouraged to ensure recommenders can meet the application deadline. The Admissions Team confirms receipt of applications within two business days, and applicants can remind recommenders if letters have not been submitted.

Essays: The application form includes several essays, each with a specified word limit. While exceeding the limit by about 10% is acceptable, it is advisable to respect the given word limit as the essays serve as important summary exercises. Job questions are not essays, so the number of words is less critical. Applicants are encouraged to provide sufficient information, whether it be a few lines or more, based on the nature of their work and company size.

Supporting Documents: Supporting documents, scanned copies only (max 1MB per document in PDF format), can be uploaded. At this stage, no documents need to be sent by post. If admitted, original transcripts and degree certificates will be required to be sent to the Admissions Office by post. It is also recommended to upload copies of GMAT/GRE and any other test results, even if official scores have been ordered.