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IMD MBA Application Process

IMD Business School is a leading international business school with a strong focus on global management and leadership. The school’s MBA program is one of the most competitive in the world, and the application process is designed to select the most qualified candidates.

How to Apply

The application process for the IMD MBA program is online and can be completed in a few simple steps. Candidates must submit the following materials:

  • Resume
  • Essay
  • 1 Letter of Recommendation
  • Transcripts
  • Test Scores (GMAT, GRE)
  • Assessment Challenges


The resume should provide a comprehensive overview of the candidate’s educational and professional experience. It should be well-organized and easy to read, and it should highlight the candidate’s skills and accomplishments.


The essay is an opportunity for the candidate to share their personal story and explain why they want to attend the IMD MBA program. The essay should be well-written and thoughtful, and it should demonstrate the candidate’s ability to think critically and communicate effectively.

Letter of Recommendation

The letter of recommendation should be written by a professor, employer, or other professional who can speak to the candidate’s academic performance, leadership skills, and character. The letter should be well-written and objective, and it should provide specific examples to support the writer’s assessment of the candidate.


Official transcripts fro all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended must be submitted. Transcripts should be translated into English if they are not originally in English.

Test Scores

GMAT or GRE scores are required for admission to the IMD MBA program. The school does not require an English language test.

Assessment Challenges

Candidates are required to complete two assessment challenges: an online case study and a video interview. The case study tests the candidate’s ability to analyze and solve business problems, and the video interview allows the school to get to know the candidate better.


The application deadline for the IMD MBA program is December 15.


Videos: Info, Application tips

We share several links on different tips for applying to IMD. The first link talks about Admissions and Finance. In addition, it discusses the following topics: Deadlines, Application Form, Best time to apply, Assessment Day, What were you looking for candidates, Assessment days, Basic Requirements, What does one need to have in order to apply, Work experience, GMAT, Average Score, Requirements International exposure and leadership experience, Scholarship, Ypung leaders schoolarship, Merit-Based Schoolarship, Finanacial Needs Schoolarships, Tuition Invoices, Recommenders, Assess your chances, Apply to IMD and Assessment Challenges.

The second link talks about Admissions Tips. In this video talks MBA Director of Recruitment and Admissions, Anna Farrus, shares some insights on our MBA program requirements before the final application deadline for the 2021 program.

The third link talks about MD MBA Admissions tips during the COVID. MD MBA Recruitment and Admissions Director, Anna Farrus joined April’s Live Chat to share insights into the MBA admissions process and how it is adapting to the COVID-19. She also took the time to answer questions.

The fourth link talks about Two-Perspectives, One School: IMD Business School. Student and start-up co-founder plus Dean of MBA Programs share their perspective as to the decision to attend IMD. This highly ranked International school with tremendous corporate ties in Switzerland feeds to the student experience. The personalized access provides all needed to make a leader tick through a transformative introspective approach to make a difference in the world. Find out if you are ready for change, self reflection, and have the needed mindset to get an MBA at IMD.

The fifth link is about Spotlight on IMD: Full Time MBA. In addition, it discusses the following topics: Curriculum, Career opportunities, Soft Skills, Feedback students, Future of IMD and Is it the right step.


The text discusses IMD’s MBA admissions essays for the 2019-2020 admissions season and provides analysis and tips for each essay prompt.

  1. Essay Prompt: “What other programs are you applying to? Of the programs you are applying to, what can IMD bring to you as a differentiator? (Word limit 100)”
    • Applicants are advised to focus on why IMD is their best choice without comparing it to other schools.
    • Avoid wasting space on comparisons with other schools and instead highlight what unique qualities IMD offers.
  2. Essay Prompt: “Describe a situation in which you failed as a leader. What did you learn from it? (Word limit 300)”
    • The word limit of 300 words is quite tight, so applicants should briefly describe the failure and spend most of their response on the lessons learned.
    • While personal failures are allowed, professional or academic examples are recommended, along with lessons applicable to other situations.
  3. Essay Prompt: “Is there any additional information that is critical for the Admissions Committee which has not been covered elsewhere in this application? (i.e. re-application, health, grades, etc.) (Word limit 50)”
    • Due to the short word limit, applicants should be direct and concise when addressing any outstanding issues.
    • Avoid making excuses and simply assert the issue and, if relevant, explain how you have addressed or plan to address it.


IMD MBA Essay Tips and Deadlines for 2022-2023:

IMD offers a one-year, full-time MBA program, targeting applicants aged 25-32 with 7 years of work experience. They are now open to younger applicants as well.

The program runs from January to December, with options for summer internships and international consulting projects.

Applicants must demonstrate academic ability, career progression, leadership potential, and an international outlook.

Essay Topics:

  1. Explain what sets IMD apart from other programs you’re applying to in 100 words.
  2. Share your career goals, target companies, and existing network in 50 words.
  3. Highlight skills and experiences relevant to your post-MBA career in 100 words.
  4. Describe a leadership failure and the lessons learned in 300 words.
  5. Use a 50-word optional essay to provide critical information not covered elsewhere in the application.

IMD at a Glance:

  • Average GMAT score: 680
  • Average work experience: 7 years
  • Acceptance rate: 30%

Application Deadlines for 2022-2023:

  • Round 1: February 1
  • Round 2: May 1
  • Round 3: July 1
  • Round 4: September 1


Admissions events in your area

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