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Guide to Applying for an MBA at Michigan Ross School of Business

The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, commonly known as Michigan Ross, is renowned for its excellence in business education, innovative programs, and a strong commitment to developing future business leaders. For many aspiring candidates, gaining admission to Michigan Ross is a significant step toward achieving their academic and career goals. To help you on this journey, we provide a comprehensive guide on how to apply for an MBA at the Michigan Ross School of Business, including a detailed breakdown of the essential requirements.

Application Requirements

  1. Resume:
    • Prepare a comprehensive resume that highlights your academic and professional background. Be sure to emphasize key achievements, work experience, leadership roles, and any noteworthy extracurricular activities or community involvement.
  2. One Letter of Recommendation (GMAC Recommendation Form):
    • Obtain one strong letter of recommendation from an individual who can provide valuable insights into your character, achievements, and potential. The Michigan Ross admissions committee prefers that you use the GMAC Recommendation Form.
  3. Test Scores:
    • Michigan Ross accepts GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, PTE, and IELTS scores. You must submit one of these standardized test scores to assess your academic readiness.
  4. Essays: Short Questions (2 Groups) and Career Goal:
    • Michigan Ross requires applicants to respond to short essay questions grouped into two categories, which are typically provided in the application materials. These questions allow you to showcase your personality, motivations, and aspirations.
    • Be prepared to articulate your career goals and how an MBA from Michigan Ross will help you achieve them.
  5. Interview by an Alumnus:
    • If your application is shortlisted, you will be invited for an interview conducted by a Michigan Ross alumnus. The interview is a valuable opportunity to discuss your goals, experiences, and why you are interested in Michigan Ross.


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Summary of Michigan Ross MBA Admissions Essays & Analysis 2023-2024

Short Answer Questions

Choose one question from each group. Respond to each question in 100 words or less.

Group 1

  • I want people to know that I:
  • I made a difference when:
  • I was aware that I was different when:

Group 2

  • I am out of my comfort zone when:
  • I was humbled when:
  • I was challenged when:

These questions are designed to learn more about your personality, values, and experiences. When choosing which prompts to answer, consider the broader themes across them and choose topics that will highlight your strengths and uniqueness.

For example, if you are a strong leader, you might choose to answer the prompts “I made a difference when” and “I was challenged when” by writing about times when you led a team to success or overcame a difficult obstacle. If you are passionate about social impact, you might choose to answer the prompts “I want people to know that I” and “I was humbled when” by writing about your experiences working with underserved communities or making a positive impact on the world.

Career Goal Short Answer

What is your short-term career goal and why is this the right short-term career goal for you? (150 words)

In this short answer, you should clearly state your short-term career goal and explain why it is the right goal for you. Be specific about the position you hope to obtain and the skills and experiences you have that make you a qualified candidate. You should also explain how the Ross MBA program will help you achieve your goal.

Tips for Writing Michigan Ross MBA Essays

  • Be specific and provide examples.
  • Be honest and authentic.
  • Be concise and to the point.
  • Proofread carefully.

The Ross admissions committee wants to get to know you as a person and as a potential student. Take the time to write thoughtful and well-crafted essays that will help them make an informed decision about your candidacy.


The Michigan Ross MBA Recommendation Questions

Michigan Ross School of Business, part of the University of Michigan, offers an MBA program with a competitive admissions process for the 2023-2024 academic year. As an applicant, you’ll be required to provide a single professional recommendation, ideally from your current or former supervisor. If this isn’t possible, you can consider obtaining a recommendation from a client, project manager, or professional mentor. However, if you choose an alternative recommender, you should explain why in the optional essay section of the application.

Key Components of the Recommendation Questions

  1. Recommender Information:
    • Context of Relationship: You’ll specify your relationship with the applicant, such as being their direct supervisor or another role.
    • Nature of Relationship: Indicate the nature of your interaction with the applicant.
    • Duration of the Relationship: State how long you’ve known the applicant and specify the period when you had the most frequent contact.
    • Affiliation with Ross or University of Michigan: If you’re affiliated with Ross School of Business or the University of Michigan, mention your association.
    • Translator Usage: Indicate if you used a translator for communication.
  2. Recommendation Form:
    • You’ll evaluate the applicant based on 12 competencies and character traits grouped into five categories:
      • Achievement
      • Influence
      • People
      • Personal Qualities
      • Cognitive Abilities
    • For each competency, you’ll select the button that corresponds to the behavior you’ve most consistently observed in the applicant.
  3. Optional Comments:
    • You have the option to provide comments or clarifications about your competency ratings.
  4. Comparison to Peer Group:
    • Based on your professional experience, you’ll rate the applicant compared to their peer group, ranging from “Unable to assess” to “The best encountered in my career.”
  5. Recommender Questions:
    • You’ll answer specific questions about your interaction with the applicant, including their role in your organization, how their performance compares to peers, the most significant constructive feedback you’ve provided, and any additional information you believe the admissions committee should know.

These recommendation questions aim to gather detailed insights into the applicant’s competencies, character, and potential for success in the MBA program at Michigan Ross. Your thoughtful and honest responses will play a crucial role in the evaluation process, helping the admissions committee select candidates who align with the school’s values and mission.


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