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GEORGETOWN | Letter of recommendation

Recommendation letters play a pivotal role in a student’s fellowship application, typically spanning 1.5 to 2 pages, often not exceeding 2.5 pages or approximately 1,000 words. These letters offer concrete examples and insights into a student’s performance, illustrating their potential to succeed in the fellowship and pursue long-term professional or academic goals. As a result, these letters hold significant influence in the student’s dossier, both credentialing and expanding upon the information provided in the application.

Student Responsibilities: Supporting the Letter Writer

Once the commitment to serve as a recommender is made, it becomes the student’s responsibility to facilitate the process for the letter writer. To enhance the efficiency of the letter-writing process, it is highly recommended that the student provides the following materials:

  1. A brief description of the fellowship, scholarship, or opportunity the student is pursuing.
  2. A list of the major criteria and a link to the relevant website.
  3. A current resume.
  4. A draft of their application, including essays and/or short responses. In the early stages of application development, an outline or brief summary of their ideas is acceptable.
  5. The submission deadline and submission instructions, including any formatting, salutation, or letterhead requirements.

This information equips the recommender with a clear understanding of what the student is applying for, why they are applying, and how they are presenting their candidacy. With this insight, the recommender can more effectively speak to their experience with the student, articulating how the student’s credentials and achievements make them not only prepared for the relevant opportunity but also a competitive candidate.